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Can I use regular oil to lubricate my garage door?

Our specialists do not recommend using regular oil as lubricating agent for your garage door because it can easily collect dust and dirt to form grime on your garage door. There are lubricants specifically formulated to work best for garage doors and other parts of your home.

Should I invest in an automatic garage door opener?

Automatic garage door openers are almost a necessity for the automatic world of today. If you do not mind operating your manual garage door, then you might not find the need for an automatic opener. However, if it bothers you and you find it an inconvenience, then you should invest in a good automatic garage door opener.

What is an R-value rating?

R-value rating measures the thermal efficiency of a product. The higher the rating, the greater the insulating features of the door. Our garage door experts in East Orange recommend that you choose an insulated door with a high R-value, as this type of door is more energy efficient.

Will the safety reverse feature be affected by the frequent disengaging of the door opener?

It is unlikely for the safety reverse feature of a garage door to wear out as the door opener is frequently disengaged. The functioning of this feature is dependent on the photoelectric eyes and on the door panel touching objects along its way. However, having to disengage the opener too often might indicate other problems.

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