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It is good to maximize the security of your garage doors. Read these tips to achieve that.

Tips for garage door inspection

We at garage door Repair Company in East Orange believe that regular inspections help maintain functionality and extend longevity. Use a ladder when checking the upper parts of the structure. Look at the opening/closing mechanism, tracks, wheel, hinges and the general condition of the structure. Nylon rollers are better than steel because they hardly break.

Preventing garage door squeaks

The installation process is very important. Use the best quality parts and follow the letter of the law when following the instructions from the manufacturer. For the specific problem of squeaking, regular oiling is the second line of attack. It also has the additional benefit of reducing the incidence of rust. Tightening hinges also helps.

The broken door opener

Be very careful with broken door openers. If they are faulty, they may not work if you operate them, but always remember these devices are live wired and can cause accidents. Contact our garage door repair East Orange to help you reinstall or replace your door opener.

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